Christopher Ballas, Ph.D.

Christopher Ballas, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Ballas is Chief Technology Officer at Castle Creek Biosciences, Inc. He has over 25 years of experience with cell and gene therapies in academic and industry roles covering research, development, testing, and manufacturing of viral vectors and cell therapies.

Dr. Ballas recently was the Sr. Vice President of Manufacturing for Innovative Cellular Therapeutics. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Manufacturing at Rocket Pharmaceuticals, a leading publicly traded U.S. gene therapy company.

In addition, Dr. Ballas has served as an expert consultant to numerous companies on gene therapy and the production and use of viral vectors for gene therapies with contributions to Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC), regulatory filings, and regulatory meetings. He co-founded Basilard Biotech and co-developed an ultra-high throughput microinjection device (patented).

Dr. Ballas earned a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.